In this online shop, we only deliver to the following EU countries:


Østrig, Belgien, Danmark, Finland, Frankrig, Tyskland, Grækenland, Italien, Holland, Polen, Portugal, Spanien, Sverige

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden


Postage for your country will show once you have entered your details. Shipping from Denmark within 1-3 working days


For countries within the EU, goods and shipping are subject to Danisk VAT (25%)


Please follow these guidelines step-by-step:



1 - Find your goods and add to basket  Læg i kurv = add to basket

2 - If you want to remove goods then click: tøm kurv = empty basket

3 - For payment Click  betaling = go to payment

      Please ensure your email is correct, or you will not receive confirmation of your order

5 - Leveringsadresse = Delivery details and Country

6 - Vælg betalingsform = Choose mode of payment

7 - Tick of Salgs og leveringsbetingelser = Sales and delivery conditions

8 - Finally ensure everything is OK and press blue bar  Godkend og betal = Confirm and pay