In this online shop, we only deliver to the following EU countries:


Østrig, Belgien, Danmark, Finland, Frankrig, Tyskland, Grækenland, Italien, Holland, Polen, Portugal, Spanien, Sverige

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Norway


Postage for your country will show once you have entered your details. Shipping from Denmark within 1-3 working days


For countries within the EU, goods and shipping are subject to Danisk VAT (25%)


Please follow these guidelines step-by-step:



1 - Find your goods and add to basket  Læg i kurv = add to basket

2 - If you want to remove goods then click: tøm kurv = empty basket

3 - For payment Click  betaling = go to payment

      Please ensure your email is correct, or you will not receive confirmation of your order

5 - Leveringsadresse = Delivery details and Country

6 - Vælg betalingsform = Choose mode of payment

7 - Tick of Salgs og leveringsbetingelser = Sales and delivery conditions

8 - Finally ensure everything is OK and press blue bar  Godkend og betal = Confirm and pay